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New Year Axe For Paper Driving Licence

The DVLA are planning to scrap the paper licence that accompanies the plastic card. does this mean longer ques for car hire? see what its all about at    

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More Then Metal!

Scrap yards will only take one thing into account when deciding the value of your old car and that is the weight of the metal. that’s why  they will only offer you the small amount of around £120-£130 however, Better

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is your car off the road ? don’t know what to do with it ? how about trading it for a MINIMUM of £495? it can be very distressing taking one of your most valuable possessions to a scrap yard

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Is your car facing the scrap heap?

Making the decision to scrap one of the most valuable assets in your life is not an easy one especially when you know you’re going to be ripped off at the scrappers , scrappers will offer you around £100-£120 for

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Portsmouth firm fights draconian scrap car laws

PORTSMOUTH motorists now have an alternative to scrapping an old car which offers up to SIX TIMES a vehicle’s scrap value. Any car which is not taxed and insured with an MoT cannot be kept on the road even if

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UK scrap car laws branded Insane

THOUSANDS of perfectly good cars are scrapped in the UK every day and there’s only one word for it: INSANITY. Dopey government ministers have made it so expensive just to stand a car in the road outside your home that

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Second post


hi all

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First Post!

Hello World

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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