Scrap Scandal

Every day thousands of cars and vans make their final journey to a breaker’s yard because of a law which came into effect on April Fool’s Day 2011.

Ministers were the Fools that brought in the law but the joke is on hard-pressed motorists forced to part with valuable assets because it costs more to keep them than to throw them away.

How’s that for reducing waste?

Since April 2011 the registered keeper of a vehicle has to ensure it is taxed, MoT’d and INSURED whether it is running or not – or they will automatically be fined.

The only way to avoid incurring these penalties is by declaring the vehicle off the road with a Statutory Off-Road Notice (SORN). Or a Death Warrant, as it’s known in the trade.

It’s one thing having to tax a vehicle to stand it in the road. Whether it runs or not, it clearly takes up space so it is reasonable enough to charge tax on the vehicle.


Why not?

Why should you have to pay to get a car or van roadworthy just to PARK it in the road outside your home?

Why should you have to insure it?

None of these rules help the motorist. A car or van is the second biggest purchase you make in your life after your home, so why should the law be tilted in favour of you wasting such a valuable asset?

Shouldn’t the Government be doing everything it can to help you keep the vehcile on the road?

We hear an awful lot of talk about Government support for green issues – but how many resources are spent making a new car or van?

As always, these laws hit those with the lowest incomes hardest of all.

The majority of people in the UK do not have driveways outside their homes. They do not have private land on which to park a vehicle.

So unless they have the money to tax, MoT and insure it – their old car or van is destined for the scrap heap.

And if they do decide to scrap the vehcile – they CAN’T have the money in CASH.

Another law introduced in October 2013 means it is illegal to pay – or accept – cash for a vehcile when it is sold to a breaker or a scrapyard.

This law is supposed to deter metal theft.

Once again, it is the motorist – not metal thieves – who are hardest hit.

Not only can you not afford to keep your old vehcile, not only are you forced to scrap a valuable asset – but you can’t have cash for it. Money can only be paid by cheque or bank transfer.

Can your car or van be saved?

At Better Than A Scrapper we pay a MINIMUM £450 if your vehicle has market value. The market value is determined by how desirable the vehicle is to buyers.

And that’s our MINIMUM – in some cases we pay up to £2,000 for cars or vans which were heading for oblivion.

The desirability of your vehcile does not necessarily depend on its age or condition. It could be a popular model or a trusted brand which retains value. There could be many reasons why we believe your vehicle is Better Than A Scrapper.

But even if we do not believe your car or van fits the right criteria, we may still offer you more than its scrap value – and we can pay you cash.

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