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Most vehicles sold for scrap are sold by weight. The scrap value is determined by the weight of the vehicle and as scrap metal prices have fallen recently the average car is worth around £75 to £80 and vans are worth a little more.

But because of UK laws, brought in after a rise in metal theft, no one is allowed to give you cash for a vehicle which is destined to be scrapped. Any payment you are offered by any company, through its website or by any other means, can only be paid by cheque so there is a paper trail the authorities can follow.

But many vehicles which are scrapped in the UK are scrapped simply because it is the easiest thing to do with them. If you have a vehicle which does not have road tax it is illegal to park it on a public highway.

But you can’t tax it unless it has an MoT. And how much will it cost to get it through an MoT?

So every day cars and vans are taken away and crushed because it seems to be the most economic thing to do with them.

But are all those vehicles really only worth their scrap metal value?

The pressure to get rid of a vehicle because it is illegal to park it on the road, means many people accept scrap value without giving a thought to what their car or van is actually worth.

The vehicle you are thinking of scrapping could be worth much more than just its scrap value.

At BetterThan A Scapper we pay a MINIMUM £495 if we believe your car has value – up to a maximum £2,000.

Yes, that’s right – in some cases we pay £2,000 for vehciles which were destined for the scrapyard.

The value of your vehicle can be determined by a number of factors. Any of the below may apply:

Is the mileage particularly good for the age of the vehicle?

Is the vehicle in very good condition for its age?

Is the vehicle rare?

Is it a collector’s item?

Is it sought after for some other reason?

Is it a desired brand?

Is it a 4 x 4?

We understand the market forces and with a full assessment we can give you an exact price for your vehicle.

You can help us assess your vehicle by submitting for an INSTANT QUOTE and filling the details of your car as prompted.

For a full FREE assessment a member of our team will contact you.

If we do not believe your car or van fits any of the criteria above we may still give you more than the scrap value for the vehicle.

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  • We only buy vehicles aged 2006 or newer