is your car off the road ? don’t know what to do with it ? how about trading it for a MINIMUM of £495?

it can be very distressing taking one of your most valuable possessions to a scrap yard to receive the small amount of £120 to £180 ,especially when you feel its worth more.

the scrap yard will only take one thing into consideration when deciding how much it is worth and that is the weight of the metal, but what about all the other factors that could determine the value of your car? what about  the mileage or condition of your car ?, is it a collectors item ? is the vehicle rare ? is it a desired brand ? or is it sought after for other reasons?.

Better than a scrapper take all these things on board when deciding the value of your car and can offer you a minimum of £495 to a maximum of £2000 if they really feel your car is valuable.

even if your car does not meet to criteria better than a scrapper can still offer you something for your car

why not give them a call ?


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