Is your car facing the scrap heap?

Making the decision to scrap one of the most valuable assets in your life is not an easy one especially when you know you’re going to be ripped off at the scrappers , scrappers will offer you around £100-£120 for your car based on the weight of the metal but what about the other factors that contribute to the value of your car such as, the condition, the design, the mileage , how old the car is and many other things that could make your “old car” worth a lot more then you thought. Better Than A Scrapper understand your car is more than just a heap of metal so they assess all these different factors to make sure you’re really going to get what your car is worth. If they believe your call has value they will give you a minimum of £495! And if it’s really worth something you could get £2000! And to think you would have let something so valuable sit in a scrap yard!

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