Portsmouth firm fights draconian scrap car laws

PORTSMOUTH motorists now have an alternative to scrapping an old car which offers up to SIX TIMES a vehicle’s scrap value.

Any car which is not taxed and insured with an MoT cannot be kept on the road even if it is not been used, forcing millions of people to scrap cars which they cannot afford to run.

Hard-pressed motorists have to accept the vehicle’s value as scrap metal. The average car weighs a ton so all they get back for this valuable asset is about £80.

To add insult to injury, this money can no longer be paid in cash. A recent new law forbids cash payments for scrap cars. Payments must be made by cheque or into a bank account.

But a new business in Portsmouth is dedicated to saving cars from the scrapper. Experts assess each old banger and if the car still has any market value they pay up to £500 – IN CASH.

Better Than A Scrapper boss Rusty Van Nistleroy said: “We look at every car and if we can re-sell it we pay cash on the spot.

“The law only affects cars which are being scrapped – if we can save a car from the scrapper we can pay what we like and HOW we like.”

Rusty said there are many reasons a car can be saved from the scrapper. He said: “It’s not about age, condition, mileage, model or brand – but it could be. There are an infinite number of things that may mean a car has value and can be re-sold and our assessors will find those reason if they can.

“We hate seeing any car go to the scrapyard if it can be saved.”

For a free valuation, enter your car details online at www.betterthanascrapper.co.uk or call us on 03450 313 161.

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