UK scrap car laws branded Insane

THOUSANDS of perfectly good cars are scrapped in the UK every day and there’s only one word for it: INSANITY.

Dopey government ministers have made it so expensive just to stand a car in the road outside your home that the only solution for many people is to send their car to the scrapyard – even if they NEED it!

Your car is the second most expensive purchase you make after a home. Yet if you have a car which is need of repair and you do NOT have a long driveway leading up to your stately home in which you can park it you HAVE to scrap it.

If you do not have the money for the repair this month – or next – you cannot just park the car on the road until you do have the money.

Unless the car is taxed, has a valid MoT and is insured, you cannot park it on the road at all.

So although you may have worked for many years to pay for this valuable asset, unless you have the cash to fix, tax, MoT and insure the vehicle – it’s a goner.

And what do you get? Eighty quid. And to add insult to injury there is now a new law forbidding you from having this eighty quid in cash.

So that there is a paper trail for government snoopers, it is illegal to pay – or receive – cash for a vehicle which is to be scrapped. Payments have to be made by cheque or into a bank account.

So now you need a bank account just to sell a car. And if you don’t have one, what do you do – use a friends? So it’s eighty quid less a drink and a lot of running around. Nice, eh?

Not only is it insane – it’s blatantly unfair on people who do not live in homes in the country with long gravel drives and acres of land. Which is, er, just about everybody – except the MPs and ministers that came up with the rules.

At BTAS we do everything we can to save your car from the scrapper. Whatever age or condition it is in we can often find a market for it. The engine may be wrecked, but the body work still worth something. The car mileage may be low for the age of the vehicle. The interior may be well preserved.

There are hundreds of reasons why an old car may still have value – and no single reason.

We assess each car and if we believe your car can be saved from the scrapper, we pay up to SIX TIMES its scrap value.

BTAS boss Rusty Van Nistleroy said: “Not only that – we pay cash! We don’t care who you are, what you do or whether or not you have a bank account. We pay you real money on the spot – and you do what you like with it!”

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